Our Team disposes of a technical Staff: Architecs, Engineers, Interior-architecs & Landscape designers... allways under the Management of Juan Marí (architect & Interior-architect).


We have trust worthy builders, carpenters, plumbers,... for your service.


C.V Juan Marí:

Juan Andrés Marí Rocke (Bielefeld 1954)



- He studies architecture at ETSAB - Barcelona (Universidad Politécnica de Cataluña).


- He studies Interior-Design at DIAC-IADE of Barcelona.


- 1982 Opens IDEA (Architectonical-Design Studio) in Palma with Chema Sans.


- 1984 Takes part of a Architecture & Town planing Studio with Architects

Joseba Dañobeitia and Luis Alemany - Palma.


- 1985 Founder of ATRIUM architecture - services studio.


- 2004 Real Estate Consultant ADPI - (CPTES -Valencia).